Startup Services

Our team understand go to market strategy very well and ready to bring your idea to market with shorter and rapid development without compromising on quality.

Your Go To Market Strategy Partner

We provide our customers and clients from all works of life and industry with quality and cost-effective startup services. In the course our business, we have helped several startups to convert their Idea to fruition using a rapid, flexible, and distributed development and frequent release cycle approach.

Our extensive experience in business process engineering and technology architecture development gives us the ability to nail down all the necessary details up front to make your startup a highly profitable one.

Our team knows the importance of bringing a product to the actual users and investors at an appropriate time. They are flexible enough to utilize all available resources and use their specialized skills for design, development, and testing at various stages of development.

Our Offering

At Pixometry, we provide our clients with excellent, effective, efficient, and comprehensive startup services that will drive your business to the mainstream.

Software development

Full fledge software development, including web, mobile, cross-platform, serverless, and cloud deployments for your startup. Our software development service is the best you can get in the market and at the best price too.


We combine our quality assurance services with Continuous integration, Automated QA, and cloud migration. This is because we have a standard, and our startup services cannot be less than the best.

Tech analysis

We provide our clients with tech analysis startup service and also offer recommendations on hosting, performance optimization, and software architecture. Here, we ensure that you get the best analysis for your tech startup.

Strategic product migration

Our strategic product migration is specifically for moving existing or legacy products to modern apps. We marry your existing products with contemporary apps so that your product can retain its relevance in the market space.


We Integrate new product or startup services to an existing system without changing the current ecosystem of your startup. We will help you maintain competitive advantage in the market by bringing innovative ideas to your tech startup without tampering with your brand.


We carry out Research on available open-source platforms that can be re-branded for the optimal performance of your startup. We ensure that your startup is properly guided with quality research analysis that will form the basis of your business adoption.

How We Do It?

We have laid down processes leading to our product and services delivery to our clients. These processes help us to deliver high quality products within the required time frame.


Values We Add

At our company, we don’t just provide customers with product and services alone, our team of developers ensure that these products come with great value to your business.

Partnership Approach

Our job is not just to provide you with top-notch startup services; we will be your development partner; our team stays on top of every technical challenge and takes ownership and resolves them on time.

Future Ready

Our team ensures that the product built today can be driven by future tech, and they make sure that it can quickly adapt future changes. We provide startup services that cannot be easily phased out because we build for the future.

Continuous Improvement

Our continuous experimentation process and ecosystem reduce risk of the product being of little value by iteratively testing product, feedback collection, and implementation cycle. We are innovation driven and constantly looking for ways to improve.

Time to Market

Our team understands the importance of reducing time to market; they use their best abilities and processes to accelerate time to market. We are certain that our clients can never be behind schedule in terms of time to market.

Cost-effective No Compromise

Our team has enough experience building cost-effective solutions. They have exposure to cost-effective tools and technologies, which helps our customers to reduce cost with no compromise on quality. Think of good quality low cost, and then you think of us.

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