DevOps Consulting Company in India

We provide state of the art DevOps services to our clients by offering end to end automated practices that will help your business or organization bridge the gap between business development and operations.

At Pixometry, we have expert and experienced developers that are talented in helping our clients and customers bridge the gap between software development and operations in business. With the way the conventional software development and delivery methods are becoming obsolete, our developers are constantly employing the more robust continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous delivery software development methods to help our clients and customers build a more efficient and encompassing system.

Our continuous software integration and delivery model enables to meet the needs of our clients and customers to ensure positive experience of the end user and higher profit margin.

Our Offering

As leaders in digital technology, we specialize in the delivery and the application of DevOps services. Our goal is to assist our clients with the automation of online processes making it easier to facilitate innovation and deploy contemporary software for business.

Continuous Integration

Our developers at Pixometry are consistently innovating and creating software products that will effectively and efficiently be integrated with your business operations.

Continuous Release Management

We have built a consistent package-oriented build process that serves as the launch point for Release management with quality transition from build management to release management.

DevOps Program Enablement

At Pixometry, our developers provide clients with maturity assessment and adoption plans, Devops and Agile Coaching and enterprise adoption and support strategy.

DevOps Tooling and Automation

We will help your provide quality test automation software that will help in easy and quick continuous delivery and deployment of software projects.

Monitoring and support

Our support and monitoring team of experts will see to it that your software system is in functioning at its best without any glitch at all times.

Values We Add

At Pixometry, we are experienced and knowledgeable in DevOps applications and more. We understand the integral service strategy and the need for automated processing of software.

The Optimization of Intelligent Environments
We offer scalable and monitored software solutions for our clients.
Continuous Inspection
Our goal is to assist companies in the identification of errors at the earliest stages to ensure seamless and corrective solutions are appropriately introduced.
Uninterrupted Software Solutions
We facilitate smooth and uninterrupted business software solutions for continued production and exceptional customer value.

Why Pixometry For Your DevOps Development?

We facilitate the process of DevOps adoption. We offer transparency, efficient communication and the fast, responsive solutions that only the Pixometry team can provide for your DevOps needs.

We have been in this business long enough and have garnered great experience to ensure that you get the best service delivery that suits your business
At Pixometry, our developers are always in constant communication with our clients during the project integration and delivery phase to ensure your optimal satisfaction.
We don’t just integrate the software and then cut communications with our clients; it is our duty to also provide technical support to ensure a wholesome integration for our customers.
Our professional and expert developers and engineers are ever ready to provide you with quality software integration service that you can only get here at Pixometry.
Each of our DevOps solutions is tailored to a client’s requirements, built on our thorough understanding of their business situation and target.
In as much as we provide our customers and clients with the best software integration service delivery, we also ensure that it comes at an affordable rate for you as well.

Technologies & Environment

Our goal is to provide our clients the expertise to facilitate DevOps solutions with intelligent, seamless and continuous applications. We assist customers with complete automation strategies and techniques that monitor software performance and its execution.

DevOps configuration management

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