Back End Development Services

We deliver unmatched services that power behind-the-scenes functionality of your web applications ensuring successful and seamless business or enterprise operations at all times.

At Pixometry, we prioritize important aspects of backend development from its security to its accuracy making sure that our customers get the best service delievery that will great improve their business process management and thus increasing their profit potential.

Our goal is to assist with superior API development to enhance and improve your system performance,database security,scalability, etc. We understand the need for optimal performance and scalability performance and scalability of a system and that is why our team of developers are ever ready to assist you assist you scale up your software system or help develop a new one that will be highly efficient and beneficial to your needs.

At Pixometry, client's satisfaction is our aim and we stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied with our product and services.

Our Backend Development Services

We provide our clients and customers with great backend services that enhance system performance,scalability as well as database security.

App Development and Management

We provide complete backend development for superb and seamless app creation providing your customers with user friendly apps with user friendly apps with user friendly apps with wonderful and positive feedback.

Dedicated Developers

At Pixometry, we provide our clients with highly dedicated and professional developers dedicated to providing you with smooth, seamless and highly responsive API development.

Secure Backend Services

Our goal is to create backend for apps that is reliable, secure and includes payment integration development to support daily business transactions with efficiency.

Serverless Development

We have highly qualified developers with the experience to create unmatched quality apps with serverless development such as AWS, Azure, etc for better business transaction.

Technologies We Use

Pixometry is experienced in backend development to ensure the seamless operation of applications. Our expertise and experience in the industry allow us to incorporate advanced and innovative technologies to produce the very best backend services.

Node JS

Why To Choose Pixometry For Your Back End Development

Our combination of experience and knowledge in the digital industry has afforded us the opportunity to provide premium backend services for the needs of our clients.

Dedicated Service Providers

We provide dedicated services when developing applications for our clients.

Maintenance and support

We provide quality maintenance and support services to our clients to help improve their system performance.

Expert backend developers

We boast of qualified and professionals backend developers that provide clients with a more performing product than they requested.

Proven Processes

Our proven development process allows us to take backend development to new heights, thereby enhancing performance and scalability.

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Value-added Services

We provide our clients with the most valuable backend solutions with exceptional results that will transform their system efficiently for optimal performance.


Our services are unparalleled and offer secure, reliable and high performance outcomes, thereby ensuring that there is no breach in the system.

Values We Add

Value creation is central to our vision here at Pixometry and that is the reason we deliver system backend development services that are top notch to clients.


We develop a highly scalable system for our clients thereby ensuring that there is no glitch that will hinder the smooth running of the system.

Database security

We ensure that the appropriate elements are incorporated with in backend design for the seamless and secure functionality of your system.


Our expert developers maximize our technological architecture with correct infrastructure and computing technology to create applications with low query response time.

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