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Engage your audience with next generation media solutions tailored to serve your audience better

Our team understands that the internet has disrupted and revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. We know that the online platforms are fast becoming dominant while content consumption behaviors are rapidly changing and new competitors are rising from all sectors. Our developers will help build and develop software products that will you capitalize on the emerging and great opportunities

Digital technologies are currently underpinning all core processes in the media and entertainment industry and we make sure that our clients and customers are provided with the best software products to thrive in the media sector, especially with the growth of digital consumers.

Our Solutions

Our team of developers provides you with consumer centric applications that provide rich media and social features to help drive your business to the mainstream.

Our developers leverage IPTV, VoD, OTT, web-o-web, and smart TV servicing models to provide conventional user experience
We provide our clients and customers with game publishing platforms that comes monetization, retention, and localization services that allow you to distribute blockbuster game hits.
Pixometry provides clients and customers with custom content platforms that allow you to perform end-to-end capture distribution to drive your business.
Our team will help you to develop product that will help you cover the entire content development process in your business across multiple channels for internal and external audience.
We will also help you to develop integrated dynamic systems for your creative production, collaboration, publishing, and the distribution of digital assets.
We provide content structuring solutions that will enable you to aggregate unstructured contents in order to structure and curate them properly for better insights to consumers.
We help our clients and customers to create a reinforced two-way conversation channel known as UGC which helps to build user trust and aid their retention as well.
Our developers have created highly compelling solution that allows personalized feed of curated digital assets that is strictly based on user’s personal interest and needs.

Why Pixometry?

With the quality of innovative software development team at Pixometry, we ensure that our clients get the best service delivery that includes the following:

We deliver our products and services with speed, quality, and reliability
We develop an effective collaboration with all project stakeholders
Our team focus on quality at every stage of the custom software development
Fast and rapid development of prototype model as well as quick delivery of first version
We have a strong background in cloud computing, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD).
We are grounded in full custom software development
we make use of test automation to decrease testing time, cost, and verify that your software runs as planned and complies with all set requirements while ensuring the safety of your data.

Values We Add

We are not just focused on helping you to develop and built quality software products; our team ensures that we add the values to all our products.


We will make sure that your software is efficiently running in your business environment and will help train your support team and employees on how to use it.

After release support

Pixometry will provide support for you for some couple of months after product release and we will answer your after-release questions, manage incidents, and effect necessary changes.


We can take responsibility for consistent performance management, troubleshooting, evolution and change to ensure the optimal performance of your product.


With our experience with Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, etc, we help our clients to innovate and maintain competitive advantage in their businesses.

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