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Pixometry Infosoft is endlessly committed to bringing you bespoke creation in a timely manner. Harness the power of expert development from a robust team, expert in elite technological development.
Open Source are in demand with features compromising of easy to learn ,Unmatchable features i.e integration to numerous third party , highly affordable rate, effectiveness and rich performance are some of the points that make open-source development highly preferable.
Several Open Source Tools & Frameworks We Stress more:
  • Magneto
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
Our open source developers are highly skilled in crafting the various open sources technologies like CMS frameworks, e-Commerce development, shopping carts, community services etc .We have strong in-house developers for magneto ,wordpress ,joomla.

Magento Development Company Based In India

Magneto is an open source e-Commerce platform written in PHP. As compared to other modules and platforms, Magento e-Commerce development platform is less time-consuming and saves a huge amount of cost. We here in Pixometry Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. helps in the development of various card modules with the integration of secured payment gateway with Magneto.
Skills set and Competencies:
  • Retail Industry Portal Development
  • Education Portal Development
  • Version Migration and up-gradations
  • Module Customization & Development
  • Extension Customization & Development
  • Understanding of the Magneto file structure
Tools & Technology:
  • X-Debug
  • NetBeans 6.9 w/ Scratchpad
  • Path Tools
  • XAMPP w/ Xdebug
  • Zend Studio
  • PhpStorm

WordPress Development Company Based In India

Demand for developing the web pages with WordPress has increased to a great extent. Since we are looking for expansion globally, we are offering to provide customized WordPress solutions at most competitive price.
Skills set and Competencies:
  • Theme Customization & Conversion
  • Plugin Customization & Development
  • Static HTML to WordPress Themes
  • Template Customization & Development
  • Creative add-ons
  • Responsive Theme Creator.
Tools & Technology:
  • JavaScript Debuggers
  • Developer Plugin
  • PHP Debugger
  • PHP
  • CSS and JavaScript

Joomla Development Company Based In India

We provides the custom template for your Joomla website with our expertise and develops user-friendly extensions. You can rely on us with Joomla portal development for news, entertainment, and finance sections for never ending user commitment.
Skills set and Competencies:
  • Strong uphold in Yoo theme
  • Experience in Template Creation
  • Mastery in Joomla extensions development
Tools & Technology:
  • WAMP
  • Xampp
  • PhpStorm
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • X-Debug
  • PHPUnit