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Build a CMS with PHP and MySQL
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MySQL is an open source database software. It is part of a large and growing family of Open Source Software including Linux, Apache, and programming languages PHP and Perl. MySQL is written in C and C++. PHP MySQL being an open source platform offer many benefits like it is available for free and has a huge supporting community.

Explore Our MySQL Skillset

  • Establishing the needs of users and monitoring user access and security
  • Writing database documentation including data standards procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata)
  • Mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database
  • Maintains database performance by calculating optimum values for database parameters and then implementing new releases
  • We work for Database Performance Tuning and Database Security
  • We have strong experience in troubleshooting and resolving Database Integrity & performance issues
  • We have sound team who are experts in blocking and deadlocking issues like Slave replication issues backup & recovery issues connectivity & security issues etc
  • Familiarity with other SQL/No SQL databases such as Postgre SQL Mongo DB etc.

Business Consider MySQL

Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations rely on MySQL to save their valuable time and money. It provides a wide variety of solutions for the database that is highly available to automatically detect and recover from failures. Take the scenario of the organization starting from nationalized banks, to hospitals, to well- established startups — each of them dependent on data and they require to organize, understand the information in a relevant way. They are always going to need a database professional. With small in size and unmatchable speed, it is the classical database solution for Websites.

Development Environment

  • phpMyAdmin
  • DB Tools Manager
  • Query Caching
  • Xtra Backup Amazon EC2