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Kotlin programming language is designed to build code that interoperates with Java. Kotlin is now first-class supported language on Android. Kotlin is simply amazing . Set a trend using Kotlin development service to craft seamless user experience on multiple platforms.It is compiled to JVM bytecode . It is meant for people who have great interest to people in java technology. This statically typed programming language can also be compiled to JavaScript source code. Pixometry Infosoft has highly experienced in -house Kotlin skilled developers who are quite dedicated to deliver scalable business solutions. Our main strength revolves around to deliver strong, reliable and scalable Java apps for a different of industry verticals.

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Business considering Kotlin development

As Kotlin has come up with top rated android studio support. It is believed to had taken the android app development a step ahead. Many industries are shifting towards the development of Kotlin, since has several features like lesser coding, interoperability, and with that it has a ease of Learning and with no adoption of cost .

Development Environment

  • Intellij IDE
  • Eclipse
  • Sublime Text