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It process broadcasting information collectively different channels . It is considered as a source of information.

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Adaptation of New Technologies in Media Sector

Since IOT (Internet of Things) growing rapidly covering major part media and entertainment industry . Overall content consumed in digital & mobile devices, demand compromising industry-related IoT connection increase. Global entertainment executives monitoring customer activities through mobile applications. Online Media Portal gave birth to major sub holds. Viewers today can read & write their opinions consisting various social portion. Today entertainment industry players broadcasts news across global viewers view within their mobiles at same time. Media brought evolution in communication process among people.

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We, Pixometry Infosoft Pvt. Ltd offers dedicated team ,including media and entertainment professionals solid understanding of media section .Pixometry Team constantly keep upgrading themselves with current industry trends. Digital Media Industry has provide facility of accessing watching entertainment source online. Our services assist you to access daily news of any sector in customized news feed. Our work history on various fronts covering section i.e daily news ,unlimited subscriptions to your favorite magazines ,newsletter e-reader.

Skills and Expertise:

Online Marketing and Campaign Management System
Web Content Management Solutions
Native Mobile Application Development
Cross-platform Mobile Application Development
Multi-Channel Distribution Platforms (B2B)

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