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Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework to organize the arrangement of devices to store geographic locations. It is a process for gathering managing , analyzing real data. It present the deeper side into data like patterns, analyzing real situations. In nutshell, GIS helps users to look for information containing the specific geographical areas .
GIS has turned out a blessing for Land Surveyors as it can help them in assisting a high level of accuracy by mapping out the position laid down by GIS maps i.e free and satellite mapping.

Areas Served

Current GIS technologies are equipped with modern digital devices, which are making them quite popular.
Common method of datacreation :
  • Relating information from different sources
  • Data capture
  • Map Overlay
  • Address Geocoding
  • Data Mining

Industry Solutions we serve

With an edge over GIS system development, we are helping and serving clients from different sectors like general science, government bodies etc. The functionalities varies from finding real estate agent to analyzing crime statstiscs . We also provide solutions for defense service, to wheather department.
We had successful portfolio of transportation and logistics enabled GIS systems.We have an extensive set of skills in the area of GIS implementation as well as custom application development. We have cutting edge knowledge of data mapping, feature extraction, management of information , integrating enterprises through GIS expertise.
Skills and Expertise:
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Live Data of School Transportation
  • Data Representation Of Map ( Geographical Reporting )
  • Check Out/In Assets to an Employee or Location