Developing Docker Services to Build, Deploy & Manage Your task
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Docker is applications that are isolated inside a container which resides on a single host Operating System. Pixometry Infosoft have strong in-house developers ,who can help you in providing services like Quick app assembly, App infrastructure flexibility and the ability to track app changes.

Explore Our Docker Skillset

  • DNS and Discovery service
  • Firewall and security
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Static Content and Resource service
  • Load Balancer service
  • Computation/Containers services for Web and API (for mobile applications and etc.) and applications services
  • Database service
  • Deployment automation service

Business consider Docker development

More and More business is pushing towards adopting Docker as a container virtualization technology Since it offers a more lightweight approach to application deployment than most organizations currently implement. Docker makes it easier for users to quickly assemble apps from various components, enabling IT to run the same app on laptops, data center virtual machines (VMs) and any cloud.

Development Environment

  • C Advisor
  • Data Dog
  • Prometheus