Cloud Computing Services

Developing Cloud Services to Build, Deploy & Manage Your task
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Cloud Computing is aimlessly bringing a large change on a global level among the user, developer, endeavor associations, putting a new experience of accessing information on a fingertip, developing an application, creating the design and then implementing them, administering /managing the costs and the overall infrastructure.
Skill Set & Competencies:
  • Cloud Advisory Assessment
  • Building
  • testing and Deploy and Integrate
  • Cloud Managed Services – Monitor
  • Maintain & Manage
  • Cloud Optimization

Cloud Advisory Assessment

Pixometry Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Cloud advisory & assessment service will help you to reconstruct your business into the cloud. Each of these services could be put forward in separately or in a package, it varies according to the requirement. These services provide an end-to-end integrated view across all your IT assets (applications, infrastructure, and process) that might get collide in your journey towards the cloud.
Pixometry Infosoft Cloud advisory & assessment bunch compromise of the following services:
  • Cloud Maturity Model
  • Profiling & Runtime Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • ROI – Business Case

Cloud Build Deploy and Integrate

Remodeling and migrating existing resources to the chosen “Right Cloud” and rewiring them to keep business in operation as usual. Thus increasing the efficiency, which is an important aspect in the deployment of the cloud. Pixometry Infosoft Cloud integration services help you in seamless migrating with the non-intrusive approach. Some of the classic deviation of the build deploy and integrate journey is:
  • Migrate
  • Integrate
  • Proof of Concept

Cloud Managed Services – Monitor, Maintain & Manage

Post a successful transition of IT Assets to the Cloud, it is important to manage and maintain the same. Pixometry Infosoft lends the Cloud Managed Services which will monitor, manage and maintain all Applications and Infrastructure. The Key Service providers under the Cloud Managed Services hood are:
  • Orchestration
  • Metering
  • Automation
  • Self Service
  • IT-SaaS

Cloud Optimization

In order to engage the more users, only doing the managing and maintaining part of the cloud will not make any sense. Cloud Optimization Service is a one and only one handler of high-quality user experience.
Following are the services under this hood:
  • Augment Cloud Capacity
  • Transformation Projects