Big Data

Designing your data requirement
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With our Big data analytics services, you have reduced the operational risks, which are being creating by a more accurate and complete view of your data. We are providing you a right BI platform, where your businesses can gather data from a large number of sources, thus reducing the risk of valuable information. With accurate data business leaders are improving you’re their decisions off of accurate data. At the very least, these decisions are going to be optimized and will improve your decision making policies.
Pixometry Infosoft offers a scalable and cost-effective platform for storing and analyzing the customer data, in the real-time.

Skill Set & Competencies:

Big Data Exploration
As, companies are discarding large data into big data stores, but they aren’t sure what information is in there, sometimes they lost the valuable information stored in it. Our Experts help you in leveraging this information in more productive way.
Our Analysts will bound the very basic and general data mining algorithms and that will work to tune in on patterns they find with data from other sources.
On-Demand Big Data Blending
Pixometry Infosoft team and our data consultants help you in solving the time constraints of the data warehouse. With our Big Data blending service, it avoids the need of staging the data, promotes the accuracy, timely data from all sources to analytics.
Use Case oF Harnishing Machine And Sensor Data
Until now, it has become difficult for the organization to spout into analytics having a high amount of data from devices like sensors, routers, and set-top boxes.
But now, our Big Data consultants can have enabled the use case of harnessing this information for data mining and low latency analytics fundamentally allowing the organizations to take quick action on operations and service issues.
Identification of the problem
Business analytics drift shift by carrying out data analytics over the web datasets. As the size of data set is increasing day by day and there is a need for scalable analytical applications for collecting the suitable experience, thus resolving the analytics problem occurring in the business.
Pre-Processing Data
Preprocessing is for translating the data into a fixed data format before the data is submitted to the tools or the algorithms. Data that require being preprocessed is available either in bulk or real-time. For the bulk type of data, present in SQL database format, SQOOP needs to be used.
Performing Analytics Over Data
You can get the data available in your customized format, data analytics operation need to be performed, for deriving meaningful information from data, using descriptive and predictive analytics for business intelligence. Analytics need to be performed on machine learning and algorithmic concepts.
The output from Data Analytics is displayed with data visualization.