android 9 pie new features

Posted August 16, 2018

On Monday, August 6, Goggle introduced its new upgrade version known as Android 9 Pie.

Let's elaborate what android pie has with their feature list.

Be with introducing a smart reply and screenshot edit options, android pie is bring alot of new things on board


You can control the annoying notifications , with that you can monitor your digitial wellness with this.

Isn't too exciting. .

It has introduced “Smart Reply” section just like we have in our very own whatsup app application. 

It displays a smart reply to notifications from messaging apps. It is termed  as a great decision. 

Many technocrats believe that it will be a part of inbuilt feature for  Android in upcoming sessions.

It will be a boom, for software developers as they can add their support for showing things like images and stickers in-line as well

Screenshot editing

.Are you going to take a screenshot in your mobile? Ah!, are you still trying to take shot with default Power + Volume Down button combination. Isn’t is too graceless. But with Android Pie, you can take a shortcut from the Power menu anytime. It has the built-in screenshot markup tool.

With that, you can now enjoy the flawless editing of your screenshot with your setting mode. 

With features like editing, cropping and drawing on screenshots you capture using new Android Pie.

Android pie
Android Pie
Android Pie-Screenshot Editing

Indoor Mapping

What if, with android pie, you will be able to access the facility of Indoor Mapping that too on your mobile phone? Isn’t it too exciting..!! 

Do you remember the last time, when you were completely lost in the supermarket on the weekends? The vast amount of energy which was utilized to find a print shop next to your building. Wasn't it quite boring? But now, with android pie, you can locate your shopping store easy. See how it is going to work, your smartphone will utilize the support coming for Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time, that in turn will enable you  to enjoy the facility of indoor tracking with. For that, you need to turn on your location sharing option, after that Android pie will measure the distances to certain Wi-Fi points and using these data from the very next three points can pinpoint your location to around one meter of accuracy


Digital wellness

With 21st century, we found out our self-more attached to digital gadgets, mobile phones. Be it a man, woman and teens we are finding hard to keep our self-free from our phone. They can keep us occupied with notification from social applications and extra stuff.

Google has tried its best with its latest edition  Android Pie, you keep a track of our valuable time being spent on Smart Phone. This process is termed “Digital Wellness”. With various tool available in the market,  Android Pie is the very first kind of operating system which has the facility to provide device-level tracking of our behavior. 

You must be in hurry to try this within the next 5 min. 

Currently,  this option is available for Google Pixel users.