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Pixometry tailors its approach to deliver the high level results. We strongly believe with good planning, half of the battle is won. For us, communication plays an important role to bond together. With each of our clients, we try to understand what exactly they are looking for, what is the basis of their requirement and then analyze it in all aspects – design, features, and functionality. Before we offer solutions, we try to understand the objectives of your business.After knowing you and your business, we plan a roadmap for developing the system that fulfills your objectives.
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  • Quote for Request : The very first step of our process is having all your requirements with desired specifications on a single place. It helps us to determine the scope of the project. For that, there is an online quote form on your website.In case, you have reference sites, and it would be helpful for us to have the exact look, feel, and functionality. In case, you have an RFP (Request for Proposal), it will be a cheer to the cake.
  • Discover Phase : Here in this phase, we deeply analyze your needs with our in-house team compromising of strategic analysts, developers, and designers. After successfully analyzing your requirements, we then take the reins and generally do the brainstorm, research, and combine your needs with our technical knowledge to create a solid roadmap for your project.
  • Requirement Definition: Depending on the size of the project, this step is crucial. Understanding your target audience, competitors, and goals is an extremely important starting point for any successful design project. During this phase, we work out a proper site map and flow, create mood boards, organize content and gather all the appropriate assets.
  • Project Evaluation : This phase helps us understand the challenges and solutions we’ll provide with creative design. Armed with this information, we can build a website that works for your customers, not just you, and not just us. Done through documentation, site analysis, and more, this step ensures that we each understand expectations and helps to ensure a happy, profitable relationship.
  • Formal Proposal & Agreement : We don’t just slap your name in a proposal template and hope for the best. We outline our process for your specific project, and we include every single detail of what your site will include. Most of the time, we can give you a hard quote based on a number of hours we think the project will take. We stick by our quotes even if we go over the allotted hours.


The design always comes first . We design our solutions by keeping your customers in mind so that they can enjoy the extreme user experience. Our UX experts and designers make sure that the Information architecture (IA) and User experience (UX) of your project are an absolutely top notch.
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  • Wire Framing : With the help of wireframes, they layout and information architecture will then be outlined . This process allows us to efficiently create a compelling user journey across multiple screens. Like blueprints, the layout helps us to develop the best way for users to consume your information.
  • Design: Once we have received approval on the wireframes, we move to the next step in our process which is crafting UI design. Our UX design team will then take this layout and create intuitive designs that will echo your brand and style. We will also create a style guide during this phase, creating a digital library of assets that our developers can then easily retrieve.


Our team have all expertise require for building successful consumer product or enterprise solutions, whether its mobile apps or various integrations like CRM systems, analytics, support/ticketing into one system, or maintaining ongoing compliance.Our software developers work in agile sprints. With the help of planning documentation, our software developers will build the applied logic for your requirement.
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Starting from picking up Scrum Master for team leadership, moving with complete care of full software onsite, onshore, or offshore, agile development from Pixometry make sure to deliver quality custom software.
  • Build : We are now ready to move into the development process and your idea is about to be brought to life. The functionality, the performance and the security of the website is of the utmost importance and has the highest priority within our development team of experts.
  • Coding and Build out Phase : After receiving the design sign-off, the design is sent to our Coding Department. At this point, we conduct a Mid-Project meeting with you to review the functionality of your website before coding it. During this stage, functionality is added to your website. All content, including imagery, will be loaded into the pages.
  • Implementation & Testing : In this step, client interaction is crucial. Without feedback and approval, our team cannot move forward with implementation. Additionally, before a site is launched, we review internally to make sure nothing’s been missed and that your business looks great.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our team makes maintaining product longer term smoother by using industry standard processes during development which involves scalable software architecture, maintaining code readability, proper knowledge transfer in the group, upgrading the frameworks and SDK at the regular interval. Our team has proven their ability on showing a quick turnaround time for critical bug fixes or immediate feature release.
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Starting from picking up Scrum Master for team leadership, moving with complete care of full software onsite, onshore, or offshore, agile development from Pixometry make sure to deliver quality custom software.
  • Launch : We are at the finish line. The communication and collaboration between the teams is now more important than ever to ensure a successful website launch, right on time. When everything has been tested and approved, your training has been completed, and the final balance of the project has been received, we launch the new website and everyone celebrates—Ideally with a nice frosty beverage! Once launched, we’ll be standing by to handle any requests, additions or enhancements for the life of your website, and will plan to check in with you regularly to make sure things stay up to date.
  • Support : We are here to support your services 24*7. In case, something happens we are just one phone call away. .